Water Bath / High temperature oil Bath / Calibration bath

Standard Models                          :     12 Ltrs, 25 Ltrs, 40 Ltrs.

Temperature range                     :    5°C above ambient to 60°C
                                                               5°C above ambient to 100°C
                                                               5°C above ambient to 150°C.
                                                               5°C above ambient to 200°C
                                                               5°C above ambient to 300°C.


Temperature Controller

  1. Digital Microprocessor based PID, Temperature indicator cum controller.
  2. Digital temperature display simultaneously shows set temperature and actual temperature.
  3. Display resolution and Temperature controlling accuracy will be ± 0.1°C.
  4. Display accuracy ±0.5%, full scale.


  1. Inner tank made of Stainless steel 304 grade, duly polished.
  2. Outer made of Mild steel with powder coated.
  3. Stirrer to maintain temperature uniformity.
  4. SS Immersion type heater.

Refrigeration System

    • CFC free refrigeration system with hermetically sealed compressor.
    • Fin and tube air-cooled condenser.


  1. Digital microprocessor based PID indicator cum controller (Eurotherm U.K. Make)
  2. Sensor placing trays for Calibration bath.
  3. Calibration certificate traceability to NABL standards.
  4. High temperature bath upto 300°C @ extra cost.
Note: Due to continuous development SSLIPL reserves the rights to change specifications without prior notice.




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