Lyophilizer / Freeze Drier

Standard                                :               4 litres.

Model                                     :               Floor model

Technical specifications

  Temperature Controller:

    • Digital Temperature indicator cum controller with display resolution of 1°C.
    • PT-100 Sensor.
    • Controlling accuracy ±2°C. Display accuracy ±0.5%, full scale.



    1. Cylindrical type drying chamber and cold trap chamber.
    2. Drying chamber and cold trap chamber made of dully polished 304 grade Stainless steel.
    3. Drying chamber size: 200mm Height X 150mm diameter.
    4. Cold trap size:  350mm L X 150mm diameter.
    5.  8-ports SS drum drying manifold with 8 quick seal valves.
    6. Plane acrylic lid.
    7. Outer made of mild steel with Powder coated.
    8. Cold trap temperature: -55°C.
    9. Two stage direct drive vacuum pump, 100 ltrs per minute.
    10. Pirani Gauge for vacuum indication.
    11. Vacuum range Upto 0.01 milli bar.
    12. Drain to collect water.

    Refrigeration System:

      • Double stage (Cascade) refrigeration system.
      • Hermetically sealed EMERSON Copeland make compressor.
      • CFC free refrigerant filled.
      • Fin and tube type air-cooled condenser.

    Power Supply:

    1. Single phase. 230 Volts, 50 Hz.


    1. Cold trap temperature -80°C.
    2. Suitable Voltage Stabilizer.
    3. Full stainless steel model available @ extra cost.
    4. Flasks with glass adaptor.
    5. Pre- freezing bath with temperature range -40°C / -80°C.


    Note: Due to continuous development SSLIPL reserves the rights to change specifications without prior notice.




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